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A HUGE thank-you goes out to Scott's Heating and Air Conditioning. They repaired the broken showroom heater at the Barkin' Basement Thrift Store---and then DONATED THE COST OF REPAIRS! We are extremely grateful and cannot say thank you enough to them.


Please note: Union County has now taken over all dog licensing. ARACEO will no longer be issuing licenses. Please be aware that licensing your dog(s) is required by State law and Union County Ordinance.

We do Boarding!

The cost for boarding your animal is $19.00 per day. We have kennel runs for the dogs and they are kept separate from the other animals for adoption. We think our boarding service is very competitive, and we're hoping you agree. So next time you will be out of town and need to board your dog, why not board him or her with us?

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The address is EXACTLY the same as if you use instead, then a portion of your purchase cost is donated to the charity of your choice, whichever one you choose. And if you choose BMHA as the beneficiary, you can use this to donate to BMHA without doing anything other than shopping on just as you always would. Same prices, same functionality---but BMHA benefits. What a great way to donate to BMHA! Just be sure to use instead of as the web address.

ARACEO: Animal Rescue and Adoption Center of Eastern Oregon

"...Because animal lives matter"

Our Mission: We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit facility committed to providing a safe, humane, HIGH-SAVE environment to allow all animals to find their forever home.

We are a HIGH-SAVE facility, meaning that no animal is euthanized except if behaviorally or medically unrecoverable. Because animal lives matter.

Why High-Save? Two reasons. First, because Oregon state law now requires euthanization to be performed by a licensed veterinarian, and since the veterinary oath forbids veterinarians from euthanizing otherwise healthy animals, gone are the days where an animal would come into a shelter in the morning and be euthanized by that afternoon. Second, and more important, because animal lives matter, because all animals deserve a second chance at a great, happy life, because animals also deserve to live free of pain, discomfort, and despair.

We do NOT euthanize except in the most dire of circumstances. That HIGH-SAVE mantra includes breeds that have traditionally been viewed as "difficult" or "violent." WE DO NOT EUTHANIZE unless it is the only humane solution, as judged by a licensed veterinarian. PERIOD. Despite some rumors you may have heard to the contrary.

We advocate, educate, provide animal rescue and adoption services and promote positive animal welfare and care in Union County and the surrounding areas, consisting of 105,000+ people. Since we are a HIGH-SAVE facility, we are able to partner with numerous organizations such as the Oregon Humane Society, SpokAnimal, The Pixie Project, and others in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. It's a huge undertaking, and we can't do it alone. Needless to say, we are HUGELY appreciative of all those who help in our mission.

Contact Info

Animal Rescue and Adoption Center of Eastern Oregon / BLUE MOUNTAIN HUMANE ASSOCIATION


3212 Highway 30

La GrandeOR   97850


Phone: 541 963 0807 541 963 0807




12:00-4:00pm M and F

12:00-5:30pm T-Th

12:00-4:00 First Saturday of each month

We are closed Wednesdays and on all Federal and State Holidays

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