Updated: 03/18/2017

Dogs Available for Adoption

Kaylie is an approximately 3-5 year old Black Mouth Cur/Terrier mix (possibly). Kaylie is a medium sized dog but is very dainty! She likes to see what all is going on around the shelter and enjoys being loved on. Kaylie would do best in a home without young children...she is very sweet but doesn't like the ear/tail pulls some kids will do. She seems to get along well with most other dogs, so far. Come and meet this sweetheart! Very smart and listens well. 

Rea is a 1.5 year old spayed female Akbash. A gentle giant! She is very sweet and delicate about taking treats. Rea has a beautiful cream colored coat and amber eyes. She is up to date on her shots including rabies through July of 2017. Rea will need room to run around, however, she's also just fine with being lazy around the house. Rea has a tendency to chase rabbits and cats which goes with the breed. A very unique dog with a sweetheart of a personality!

Buddy is a 3.5 year old neutered male American Staffordshire Terrier. He's got a macho man exterior with a teddy bear personality! Buddy loves to give kisses and lay around with people. He seems to get along well with other dogs, as well. Such a love! Come in to meet this handsome guy...

Felly is a 1 year old Labrador Mix. Felly is a very sweet girl once she warms up to you. She has come a long way! Gaining confidence towards people with each visit. Felly needs a rock in her life! Someone to give her the confidence she needs to be the best companion she can be. Felly will do very well in a home without small children. She may be shy but she'll be a great dog with a little investment of time. 

Chance is an older Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel mix. Chance will need to go to an experienced dog handler home with no small children. We have been working with Chance and he has already come a long way! He is being much better with receiving pets from people familiar to him and has lost a lot of weight. He seems happier and more willing to interact with people! Gets along well with most other dogs so far. 

Additional Information:


Dog Adoption Fee: $195.00

Puppy Adoption Fee: $295.00


All dogs that are available receive Parvovirus and Bordetella vaccinations as well as deworming medicine. We are not allowed to administer Rabies shots by law. The adoption fee includes a voucher for $25.00 towards a spay/neuter unless the animal is already spayed/neutered. The fees we charge help to negate the cost of caring for the animal as well as keeping the shelter open. We appreciate every penny! We try to do our best to keep the shelter functional and keep the animals happy. Please call if you have any questions about fees or any of the dogs. Thank you!



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