Meeting Minutes, Meeting of 02/07/2018


Members Present: John Rinehart, Donna Brownlee, Jan Petersen, Nicole Boggs, John Brinlee, (ex officio)

Barkin’ Basement Manager: Dana Rynearson

Meeting called to order 6:40 PM


I. Agenda

            I. Financial Reports

            II. Two Signatures on Checks Above a Certain Amount and ALL Payroll Checks

            III. Director Salary

            IV. Other Issues?

I. Financial report:

John Brinlee presented a report on money coming in through September of 2017. Income from the County based on the new contract was $37, 500. Other invome sources, such as donations, were $18, 777.58. This does NOT include any money from Barkin’ Basement. The total is therefore $46, 277.58. The Barkin’ Basement through September was virtually identical to the year before, about $19, 000. However, of that money, it is not clear how much is going to expenses and how much is profit, since the financial report is incomplete. If the picture is the same as the previous year, then in 2016 the net profit would be expected to be around $9,000.00.

Several Board members expressed frustration about the lack of completeness of the finances, and have tasked the Director and Treasurer to rectify this issue ASAP. Donna Brownlee pointed out that it is impossible to effectively write and compete for grants when the only complete picture of finances available to us is the tax returns from the previous year. This needs to change, as it is part of the Director’s duties.

II. Two signatures on checks:

In the past, it has been suggested that the Treasurer be a second signature on all payroll checks and any checks over a certain amount. Unfortunately, that still hasn’t happened, despite the fact the John Brinlee has stated he would like the 2-signature option. It was suggested that the President be a second signatory on ALL payroll checks and any other checks over a certain amount. Bob and Donna both suggested $500.00 be the start amount for requiring 2 signatures. This change would allow at least some oversight in the absence of regular monthly reports. Motion was moved and passed unanimously.

III. Director Salary

One of the reasons the Board wants much better financial accounting is to see if the Director can draw a salary again. Currently he has been pulling money out for expenses, but that’s a horrible way to do it and is very hard to keep track of. Currently the by-laws set the salary at $18,000.00/year, but because the Director currently resides at the Rescue and does not have room/boards expenses, discussion ensued on reducing that amount to $12,000.00/year WHEN and IF quarterly reports start coming in. Because the Board has such an incomplete picture of income and outgo, we currently cannot assess this issue effectively. Donna Brownlee suggested we might even be able to get a grant to pay the Director’s stipend.

IV. Other Business? None.


Meeting Adjourned 7:30PM


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