Meeting Minutes, Meeting of 11-08-2018


I. Install Rae as Treasurer

II. Provide current bylaws to members for comments and proposed changes at next meeting

III. Paychecks and double signatures on checks

IV. Schedule first financial review meeting

V. Email and contact lists

VI. Quarterly meetings of entire board.

IN ATTENDANCE: Donna Brownlee, John Rinehart, Bob Rynearson, Larae (Rae) Trachsel, John Brinlee (Director, ex officio), Dana Rynearson (Barkin’ Basement Manager)


Meeting called to order 4:40PM

I. Nicole Boggs has resigned as treasurer, citing reduced free time due to having another baby. Rae has generously offered to fill this role in the future, and has also agreed to diligently work on providing the Board with regular financial accounting. Bob suggested we initially request a monthly accounting to see how the money is really being spent, so the Board can get a good picture of income and outgo. Once this has been done we can move to a quarterly report that can be uploaded to the website and shared with the County Commissioners.

John Rinehart moved to approve the installation of Rae as Treasurer. Bob seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


II. Bylaws---Changes and Additions. John Rinehart provided members each with a copy of the bylaws as presented on the website. He noted that there are many issues with these bylaws; some changes made in the last 5 years are not standard practice, there are many grammatical errors and typos, and the membership in BMHA is completely clouded by changes made about 5 or 6 years ago. John R. proposed the members examine the bylaws carefully and note any corrections and possible alterations for the next meeting of the full Board.


III. John Rinehart brought up the issue of 2 signatures being required on every paycheck and any check over $500.00, which was previously approved by the Board. Because John R. has a full-time day job, there may be times when he is unable to leave work when a crucial signature is required. For example, the CPA that cuts our paychecks is generally slow to get them to us, and we CANNOT have late paychecks. Moreover, expenses may arise unexpectedly that will require an immediate signature. Therefore, John R. proposed that the Vice-President, Bob Rynearson, also be a signatory on the accounts, such that if the President is unavailable, the Vice-President may sing in his/her place.

John R. moved that this policy be approved; Donna seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


IV. Financial Accounting. Much discussion ensued regarding which programs to potentially use, or whether it was sufficient to compose a custom spreadsheet in Excel. Bob suggested building our own tailored spreadsheet. Rae, whose daughter is involved with a cat rescue, will be consulted to determine what they have found most successful. Donna suggested also that we look at using Quickbooks, as it has the capacity to produce custom columns. No final decision has yet been made.

Discussion then turned to the construction of a Finance Subcommittee that would examine the financial reports to be produced by the treasurer. It was decided that the first meeting would be December 19 (Wednesday), in the afternoon at the Rescue but with time TBA, to look at the first financial report for November. This will allow Rae sufficient time to assemble all of the necessary information and organize it into an easily-followed format. Members of the subcommittee will be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Director.


V. Contact Information. The contact information for the current members was obtained and shared. Given the potential for abuse of this information, it will be kept confidential at this time.


VI. Quarterly Meetings. Donna Brownlee suggested the Board needs to have regular meetings, preferably quarterly, to keep up on the financial picture and to do a better job of following up on Rescue business. This would also allow better communication with the individual who has been doing fundraising events. This would mean a meeting in January and April in the Winter and Spring; since several members are unavailable during the Summer, another meeting could be held in June or in September, and a final meeting in November or early December.


VII. Other Business.

            A. Rae has identified a veterinarian in Kennewick that provides spay-neuter for dogs based on weight of the dog; for example, a dog over 140 lbs would be $200.00 (but that’s an extreme). The vet works with nonprofits and rescues and might be a source for lower-cost spay/neuter both for us and perhaps for community members as well.

            B. Rae noted that Glinda O’Conner, would like to do a January doggie biscuit baking class, charging $5.00 per participant, but a venue would need to be identified. Donna brought up her association with the church on 16th and Gekeler, pastored by Jim Lundy, as a potential site. Rae said she would let Donna know the details of the event.

            C. Bob brought up the issue of storage of personal items within the Rescue by the Director. At an earlier Executive Board meeting, it was decided that those items needed to be removed, since it was not the job of the Rescue to provide storage for the Director’s personal property. However, Bob said he believes the Board owes it to the Director to allow some storage space somewhere on the property. Currently, Bob and John B. are building sturdy storage sheds on-site, and Bob moved that some of this space be allowed for the Director’s personal items, freeing up space in the building for additional cat rooms or for a meeting room for the Board.

Motion was seconded by Donna; motion passed unanimously.

            D. The archives room needs to be addressed. Any documents older than 7 years should be shredded and discarded.

            E. Non-running vehicles are present at the property. Bob’s son, a master mechanic, has volunteered to come out and inspect each one, giving the Board an assessment of how much it might cost to get the vehicle/equipment running again. Any vehicles which would not be cost-effective to repair and either retain for use or sell will be hauled away by the local wrecker.

            F. Any broken items, including donated items, that are not useable will be discarded in an attempt to tidy the grounds up and not accumulate junk. A number of large kennels that have been donated will be assessed for use by the Rescue or for sale to public. Not all need be retained, but some should, particularly for transport of larger dogs.

            G. Erin and Rae plan to travel to the cat shelter Rae’s daughter works with, to get refreshers on cat handling protocols and learn any new protocols. They will share that expertise at an upcoming meeting should the Board desire to have a report.

            H. Petsense, the new pet store in La Grande, is eager to work with nonprofits. They are willing to take some of our cats and kittens and display them for adoption in their store; indeed, this has already begun, though the cats cannot stay for a long period (during the day, primarily).

            I. Barkin’ Basement gross receipts: In October of 2018, the store had gross receipts of $3,567.50; in October of 2017, the gross receipts were $2,868.00.


With no other business being brought forward, the meeting was adjourned 5:29PM



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