Adoption Policy

In adopting an animal from ARACEO, you will be required to agree to the following and note on the adoption form that you have read and understand the following statements:

BMHA Shelter staff are not veterinarians nor are they certified veterinary technicians or assistants. Animals available for adoption come from a variety of sources, most often as strays or having been surrendered by their owners. All animals are examined upon entry, and their health is monitored routinely, but there is always a chance that an animal may be incubating a disease or have an undetected pregnancy without presenting any clinical signs or symptoms.


The dogs and cats placed up for adoption have been tested and observed for potential temperament issues. While the staff has seen no sign of aggression from this animal, realize that animal behavior is unpredictable and there is no guarantee that the animal will not bite, scratch, or exhibit destructive behavior.


You will be provided with a copy of the medical and behavior assessment at the time of adoption.


BMHA/ARACEO does NOT test any animal for rabies, FURI, FeLV, FIV, Calcivirus, Distemper, Parvo, or any other diseases.


If the animal is not spayed or neutered, you must get the procedure done within a specified time as given on the adoption voucher received at the time of adoption. The voucher normally only covers a portion of the procedural costs, so you will be responsible for any additional fees the veterinarian charges, including pain medication. You will also need to have your veterinarian complete the "procedure done" portion of the adoption form and you will need to return it to BMHA within 2 weeks of completion. If you do not follow through with this agreement, BMHA reserves the right to contact you seeking a reason for noncompliance.


It is your responsibility to willingly spend the time and money to provide adequate food, proper shelter, medical treatment, and appropriate long-term care for your pet. If at any time BMHA deems that said animal is NOT receiving adequate care, we reserve the right to relinquish you of ownership of the animal.


You are responsible for complying with the Oregon legal requirements to get your dog's rabies vaccination and return proof of that vaccination to BMHA within 30 days of the adoption agreement to obtain a license, which is mandated by State law and Union County ordinance.


The adoption fee paid at the time of adoption is non-refundable.


Remember, there is an adoption fee of $85.00 for spayed/neutered cats, $35.00 for non spayed/neutered cats, $195.00 for spayed/neutered dogs, $170.00 for non spayed/neutered dogs, and $270.00 for puppies (4 months old and under) unless an alternative price is agreed upon. All animals are the property of BMHA/ARACEO until adoption is finalized, the papers are signed, and the fees paid in full. Thank you!

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