The 2018 Federal Tax Form 990 and State Form CT-12 Are Now Available For Public Viewing. Go to "About BMHA" to Access These Forms

We are especially proud of the fact that we have cut expenditures by OVER $43,000 as compared to the prior year, and as a result, we are VERY close to running in the black for the first time in over 6 years! Kudos to the Director, John Brinlee, Board Members Donna Brownlee, Bob Rynearson, Barkin' Basement Manager Dana Rynearson, and ESPECIALLY to the generous people of Union County, Oregon. You are the lifeblood of this organization, and we could not do the work of saving animal lives without your help!

Older News:

Barkin' Basement 5th Anniversary Half-Price Sale!

Yep, you read that right---the Barkin' Basement has been selling gently used merchandise to help support the Animal Shelter for 5 years, and to celebrate, we're having a 3-day sale August 1-3, 2019. On those days, from 9AM opening to 4PM closing, EVERY item in the store is HALF-PRICE! 50% discount! How could you go wrong? Barkin' Basement is at 1507 Willow Street, La Grande, OR.

The 2019 Annual Meeting was held in March. Topics of discussion included annual budget, developing a contract with the Director, and job duties of the Director, as well as housekeeping issues such as splitting out the Barkin' Basement account from the others and consolidation of the accounts at a single bank.


The Annual Meeting of BMHA was held in January, 2018. Topics included budget, continued operation of the Barkin' Basement thrift store, and salary expenses.

The next meeting of the BMHA Board of Directors is April 13, 2017, at 6PM at Local Harvest Pizzeria. The meeting is open to the public.

New Hours of Operation Beginning February 1, 2017

Due to funding increases, beginning February 1, 2017, ARACEO will be extending our hours of operation to the public. Our new hours will be Noon-4PM Monday and Friday, Noon-5:30 Tuesday and Thursday. We will be closed on Wednesdays. We will also begin being open on the first Saturday of each month from Noon-4PM. ARACEO will be closed on all Federal and State holidays.

Holiday-Themed Necklace and Earring Set Being Raffled at The Barkin' Basement

This is a necklace and earring set by Crystal Unicorn Creations, known in the area for their animal-themed beadwork. This set features red, crystal, green, and blue silver-lined beads with a solid sterling bail and chain and sterling-plated heart posts and ear nuts. A $75.00 retail value set, it can be yours for a single raffle ticket (if your luck holds!). Tickets are available at the Barkin' Basement Thrift Store on North Willow between Cove and Island Avenue, $1.00 per ticket or 6 tickets for $5.00. Raffle will be ending soon, so get in on this one-of-a-kind piece before it's too late!

Tax documents for 2015 have been added. Click on the BMHA link at the top of the page, then on the "tax documents filed" link, again at the top of the page that loads. Returns from 2011-2014 are direct links to the Oregon DOJ archived PDF files; starting with the 2015 form, and with the onset of the new and improved website, these are direct-download PDF files.

Dog Days of Summer 2016 at Wildflower Lodge

First Annual EOU Pet Day Announced

The Pre-Vet Club at Eastern Oregon University has announced the first-ever EOU Pet Day, to be held May 21st, 2016, from 10AM to 3PM. This event is planned to be informational, educational, and include lots of fun activities for students as well as members of the community. We expect many vendors will attend, and BMHA will certainly be there as well. To request a table, you can fill out a vendor application at Don't miss out! Anything pet or animal related will likely be welcome. The club is asking for a $15.00 donation if you wish to have a vendor table to help cover the cost. Applications should be submitted before Saturday, May 7, in order to allow the club to adequately prepare.

Half-Price Jewelry at the Barkin' Basement

Starting May 2, 2016, all jewelry at the Barkin' Basement, with the exception of the custom donated beadwork paws and bones earrings, is on sale at half the marked price. But hurry, the sale will only last until May 15, and then it's all said and done!

04/28/2016 BMHA Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee of BMHA, consisting of the Director of ARACEO and the officers of the BMHA board, met on 04/28/2016 to discuss terms of the offered contract from Union County and possible counter-offers to include. It appears we are VERY CLOSE to approval of a contract for services with Union County, which has been a goal of ours for some time. Thanks to the tireless work of the Board officers and the almost superhuman patience and goodwill of our County Commissioners for getting this close to a positive outcome for all parties concerned!

04/18/2016 "Aftermath" of the Board Meeting

The BMHA Board conducted a marathon meeting on 04/15/2016 to discuss ways to reduce spending and cut immediate costs. Full details will be provided in the Minutes once they are reviewed and approved. We're working very hard to make the Animal Rescue a tightly -run ship, but we need your help, too. Donations, volunteering, becoming a BMHA member, all of these will help. Some immediate changes are a reduction in hours and a reduction in staff. Donations are down at many animal rescues, not just ours, so we have to find ways to cut costs so we may continue to provide animal rescue services to Union County.

04/11/2016 It's National Pet Day!

April 11 is National Pet Day! Celebrate all week by considering a donation to the Animal Rescue, volunteering your time, or helping out in some other way. We honestly cannot do this without you, and we really appreciate your generosity!

04/08/2016 Notice of BMHA meeting

BMHA will be holding a meeting on Friday, April 15, to discuss budget concerns, reduction in expenditures, fundraising opportunities and ideas, and the proposed contract with Union County recently offered by the County Commissioners. The meeting will be held at the Animal Rescue Center.

04/08/2016: There's a new webpage!

Obviously, there have been big changes in the web site for ARACEO and BMHA. Hope everyone likes the new look. Especially see the new sections for available animals, the new section announcing and detailing BMHA Board business, and the new page detailing how YOU can help.

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